Thursday, July 7, 2011

While we were away..

   So while I was away from the blog my hubby and I went to Vegas for a quick weekend trip with my friend and her husband.  My friend and I were attending a hair show there, and the boys were willing to tag along.

Well, while we were at the hair show we got to see Nick Arrojo.  (The one pictured above)
You know, the Nick Arrojo who was on the show What Not to Wear.  With Stacy and Clinton, pictured above.

 WELL, while my friend and I were watching him cut someones hair a guy comes up to me and asked me if I would like to be a model for a haircut.   I asked "for Nick"?!  He said yes!  So even though I have been growing my hair out I could not pass up this opportunity!  I mean it's Nick Arrojo!  His haircuts are normally $500!  

I was a little nervous, because I unknowingly told him he could do whatever he wanted.  I said I wanted to look cute and before I could finish he cut me off and said "she is willing do to anything"!  

It was so fun, and I am really glad I did it!  Stay tuned for a picture of the final look!

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