Friday, March 18, 2011

Pantry Organization Inspiration

Spring is officially here next week and it's time to clean and organize. Typically pantries are meant to be functional not pretty. I have been trying to be more organized at my house and I found a few pantries that are both functional and pretty.

This pantry at House of Smiths is truly drool worthy and was what first inspired me to work on my own. It is the same shape and size as my pantry so most of her ideas will fit. Although I am planning on steering clear of all glass containers if possible. I have a tendency to break things.
House of Smiths Pantry Remix

I Like it, I love it! Pantry

Amber Lane Living
Decor Chick
A Little Of This, A Little of That

Pantry Redo at Just Pleased as Punch

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  1. Hey Kels,
    MAN, I SO need to cutify my pantry. I've drooled over quite a few of the above pictures before. DROOLIN' AGAIN! I'm so jealous of how pretty they look. SOOO, thanks for stopping by and leaving me some love. You made my day:)

    Jennie {Cinnaberry Suite}