Thursday, March 3, 2011

Home Inspiration: Vinyl

For the first four months of our little bug's life we were living in a small apartment.  We could not do much to decorate, or paint the walls because we were renting.   I knew I wanted to have a tree painting or do something like that but I couldn't decide what because I had a pretty big space to fill.  Then Kelsey gave me an awesome idea!  Vinyl!  Vinyl is seriously an amazing thing.  I went on etsy and found the perfect bubble tree that matched her bedding perfectly.  I was able to pick out the colors I wanted the tree to be and everything.  It was super easy to put on the wall too.  They said you would only be able to apply it once, and if you took it down it would no longer stick again.  When we moved into our home, we decided we were going to try taking it with us.  It worked!  It is now with us in our home, and I still LOVE it!
This is a picture of it when it was in our apartment.  
I will show pictures of her updated nursery in a later post!

Such a simple way to improve a nursery, in your home or if you are renting an apartment.  


  1. I just recently bought and put up a wall decal! Our new apartment is soo nice, but we are not allowed to paint and all of the white walls were a bit too boring. We needed something to fill in the space on the wall in our living room above the tv... so I browsed online and bought a great modern tree branch decal in burgundy (one of the colors used throughout the room). It looks great and fills in the space without looking too busy!

    Decals are my new favorite decor inspiration!

  2. Thanks for being our very first comment Melanie!
    I am so glad you love decals as much as we do!