Friday, March 25, 2011

Little Girl Inspiration: Bow Board

  I made a bow board for my daughter before she was born, and it was full before she was born.  I have been looking for a new frame to make her bow board and I finally found one at a local D.I. (thirft store).  It was only 3 dollars and they had just put it out to be sold and I snatched it right up! 

I first took it from being gold, to white.  I used Krylon white spray paint, gloss.

I measured the frame so I could center the first ribbon.
I laid the ribbon out before I glued them so I could see where I wanted them first.

Some helpful tips that I don't have pictures of is use the glass to wrap batting, and your fabric around.  Glue the batting and fabric tightly around the glass and then attach the ribbon.  Mine didn't have any glass in the frame left,  and I wish it did because it would have made this a lot easier.  It also holds the bows in place better.
Then here you have it, it's all done!  I am so excited to hang it up in her room.  I have already hung some of the new bows I have made for her on it.  I am sure this one will be full soon too, we will see if I can find one any bigger than this one!


  1. This is such a cute and clever storage solution! Love it!

  2. Great job! I love the colors you chose:)