Sunday, March 6, 2011

Tradition Inspiration: St Patrick's Day

I remember Leprechauns coming to visit our school when I was little. They would leave green footprints behind and generally cause mischief. St. Patrick's day is a perfect opportunity to begin new traditions.   

I have been looking for inspiration to make my St. Patrick's day a little more memorable.  Green can become boring and redundant after a while so I also searched for rainbow and gold ideas. Click on the link beneath each picture to read more about the idea.  

Give your children something new and festive to color.  
Free St. Patrick's Coloring Book Pages at

Make this brilliant rainbow cake for your family as a fun surprise.  You can make colorful cupcakes instead if you aren't in the mood for baking an entire cake.  

One Charming Party Rainbow Cake

 If you are having a party these free printables make decorating a snap.
Lucky You! Free Exclusive HowDoesShe St. Patrick’s Day Printables

 I love musicals so I had to include Finian's Rainbow. How Are Things in Glocca Mora, Look to the Rainbow and Old Devil Moon are standards.  
Finian's Rainbow: New Broadway Cast Recording/CD

 Set your table with a rainbow of Jones Sodas for a special treat. 
Jones Soda

These Pot O' Gold treats would make darling party favors or gifts.  
You're My Pot O' Gold Free Printable

Create a trap to catch those pesky Leprechauns.
Family Fun Leprechaun Traps

 Leprechauns are tricksters and love to turn your water green.  This green water was created with special fizzy tablets placed into your faucet.  
Green Leprechaun Water at Steve Spangler

 Green peppers are tasty, healthy and naturally green.
Green Pepper Shamrocks at Martha Stewart

This rainbow Jell-o will add a lot of color to your meal.  It's not something you want to eat everyday but fun for a special occasion.  
Rainbow Jello

How does your family celebrate St. Patrick's Day?

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