Friday, September 30, 2011

Chairs Before and After!

 The weather is still warm here so I hurried and finished the chairs I bought a couple of months back!

I have had my eye on this fabric from Hobby Lobby for over a year now, and decided it would be perfect for my chairs.

                                         It was so easy, and actually really fun.   It's very satisfying to see them in my living room knowing I made them look that way!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Just a few simple projects!

I have a couple more projects to share with you guys from my little girls room.
First project I did was a fabric covered magnet board.   My parents live far away, so I wanted to put up some picures of them, and my in-laws so she could remember who they are.  I thought a fabric covered magnet board was the perfect solution.  It was simple, and it turned out cute! I just need to make the magnets now!
I put it on a shelve a good friend let me have.  I also put her little birthday hat on the shelve, I have been dying  to find a way to have that displayed in her room.

I used a tutorial I found on a blog called A Little of this, a little of that.  You can find it HERE.  She explains everything so well, and even where to get everything!  LOVE that.

The next little project i did for my toddler's room was a redo of her lamp shade.

I did this awhile ago, but it didn't seem like a big enough project to deserve it's own little post.   I just added some flowers, pearl centers, and some crystals.  A small little redo, but it adds a little something more to her room that I love.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!  


Friday, September 9, 2011

Show some Team Spirit!

My husband is a little bit of a sports fanatic.   His favorite college team plays this Saturday so I decided to make my daughter a quick and easy shirt to show some team spirit.

All I did was cut some BYU fabric, and sew it on an old white tee.  Super easy!  Now my daughter can show some school spirit, and my husband will be so proud.

Have a happy weekend!

Baked Tomatoes Recipe

I found this amazing recipe yesterday, and it's so easy!  Doesn't it look amazing?  If you want it go HERE

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Shovel Storage

This summer we have been doing a few small things to help us become more organized.  This project was totally all my husband's idea!  We had an old ugly shelve with hearts on it left over from the previous owners.  My husband drilled holes where the ugly hearts were, and turned the shelve upside down.  I of course had to spray paint it before it was hung.  Now it holds our shovels perfectly!  Thanks babe!