Friday, April 1, 2011

Home Inspiration: Fireplace Mini Makeover

When we purchased our home the fireplace needed a lift. The mantle was scratched and the finish was badly damaged. The fire box was backed with a tacky tan faux brick. I wanted to give the fireplace a small makeover that wouldn't break the bank.

Move-in Day-Still Needs Work
I opened up the fire box and sprayed the faux brick with Krylon high heat black spray paint. It only needed two coats and dried quickly. The paint instantly improved the look of the box.

I removed the decals from the front of the mantel to give it a more streamlined look. I also washed, sanded and primed the mantel. I used Benjamin Moore Steel Wool in a high gloss finish for the mantel and the same shade with a matte finish for the cubby in the archway. 

The stone still needs more grout or mortar in the crevices. If I ever win the lottery I would do a larger over haul to make the fire place more modern and sleek. In the meantime this was an easy update that didn't take lots of time or money.

How have you updated a fireplace or area of your home that you didn't like? 



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  2. I love your site! You guys have and have found great ideas. I will come back often!