Monday, April 18, 2011

Home Inspiration: Book Sling tutorial

I am So excited to be heading over to Just Sew Sassy to do this tutorial!  Thanks for having my Just Sew Sassy!

  My sister and I have been looking for ways to make our toddler's rooms for functional.  We especially have been looking for fun and practical ways to store books!  My sister used spiced racks HERE for her toddler's books.  I decided to try book slings.  I got my inspiration for the book slings from Oh Dee Doh.

  You can find the supplies pretty cheap, and most everything is at the hardware store.  
-Two double curtain rod brackets. (about 5 bucks each at any hardware store)
-Two, 4-foot long wooden dowels or curtain rods that fit into the brackets. Shouldn't cost more than $3 each.
-If buying new fabric, make sure you get 1 1/3 yard and wash it.  
First, make sure you measure your fabric, your wall space, and make sure your rods will fit in the wall space. That way you can cut them to size before you get started.
After I had the fabric cut down to the size I wanted, I folded up the edges and sewed them.
After I had each side sewed, I folded the fabric over the rods to make sure they would fit.  I marked the fabric so I would know where to sew, and how much room to leave for the rods.
There you have it, my very simple way of doing it.  I think I will make one more to go underneath the first one.   It looks kind of lonely by itself!  

Try not to look to close, I am not a seamstress! I don't like long tutorials, so I hope this will help you! If you would like a more detailed tutorial, and more specific instructions try this one HERE.  I did not use her exact tutorial, but I used her for inspiration. 

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  1. I love this tutorial! I can't to make a couple of these! thanks for sharing this with us!